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I've collected many Cheech and Chong sound clips from all over then net for your listening. They crack me up.

Happy Listening!!
(295K) This is a clip from "Up In Smoke": Low-Ri-Der.

(59K) Chong: You just ate the most acid I've ever seen anyone eat in my life!

(24K) Chong: Grabs you by the Boo-Boo don't it?

(28K) Chong: Hey! Hang on you guys, I'll be right back.

(78K) Teacher: Young man, ... now give me that knife (THUD)...Thank you.

(37K) Cheech: If this is torture...Chain me to the wall.

(14K) Chong: Are you gonna get busted?

(21K) Chong: Hey! This is great man.

(22K) Hey! Who cut your hair?

(33K) Chong: What's the hassle man?

(18K) I'm Blind!!

(18K) Cheech: I've never smoked no shit like that before.

(98K) Chong Singing: No stems, no seeds that you don't need--Acapulco Gold is (BIG TOKE) bad ass weed.

(59K) Cheech: Doin' the tune from "Up In Smoke".

(24K) Chong: Dave's not here!

(29K) Cheech: You mean we're smokin' dog-shit man?

(93K) Chong: Hey, don't take those man.

(93K) Cheech: Singing a clip from " Born In East L.A.

(17K) Cheech: Fire it up Homes.

(69K) Chong: Hey!...What are you trying to do?...You'll ruin my recond man.-I just bought it!

(13) Chong: Hey!

Police Officer: What's his name?.......Oh, his name is...Raaalllppphhh!!!

(18K) Chong: I just thought of something funny. Cheech: What? Chong: Your Momma.

(190K) Cheech and Chong: You wanna get high man........

(46K) Cheech: I feel good man, I wish.....

(139K) Police Officer: Can I see your license sir?......

(14K) Bye Bye Lard-Ass.

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