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1(800) 206-9454    Nu-Salt Salt Substitute Free sample
1(800) 208-2583    Free Post coupon holder
1(800) 213-1538    Free Gillette Sensor Excel Razor and $7 in Coupons
1(800) 222-7256    California Tan Suntan Lotion (in Modern Bride)
1(800) 222-9546    Free Starter Pack of Similac or Isomil Baby Formula
1(800) 225-5101    Opti-free contac cleanser
1(800) 225-5333    Free "Buying Recycled" Shopping Guide from The Environmental Defense Fund
1(800) 227-7282    Free Information Kit for Cookbook fund raising
1(800) 229-5454    Squirrel Away Powder Free Sample   (keeps squirrels out of birdseed)
1(800) 242-2148    Free Inkjet or Laser paper
1(800) 255-6498    Walt Disney Art Postcards - Free samples of B&R Gallery Prints
1(800) 255-8332    Antioxidant Coffee Substitute
1(800) 257-8650    Bean-O Anti-Gas Free sample and 55 cent Coupon
1(800) 283-3400    Free Ferry Morse Flower Seed Pack with "Garden Club" Newsletter
1(800) 284-9123    "Everclean" Anti Dandruff Shampoo sample
1(800) 301-0016    Excedrin PM Sample
1(800) 328-2089    Supra-Clens Daily Protein Remover contac lens cleaner
1(800) 328-2426    Free Hillshire Farms recipe booklet
1(800) 364-3733    Free sample of 3M bandages
1(800) 373-0877    Apple Computer Freebies (9 different items)
1(800) 373-0877    Apple computer video (press #2)
1(800) 382-2252    Aquaprin pain relief medication
1(800) 386-7127    Free Printovation software to send back for 50 free customized post cards(for                                users of Microsoft Word and Publisher) Priority Service Code U09216
1(800) 407-7030    Excedrin
1(888) 422-5327    Clean and clear
1(888) 428-3366    Free sample of Aveeno oatmeal based lotion
1(800) 435-7548    Free test kit for lactose intolerance and free sample of Lactaid
1(800) 445-7137    American Health Company Multi-Vitamin Free sample and $1 Coupon
1(800) 447-9178    Free Evenflo Recalled Playpen Safety Covers for Playpen Hinges
1(800) 472-3346    FREE Home Safety Package from Lowe's
1(800) 480-2734    Free Kodak film and baby products(Be prepared to answer lots of questions)
1(800) 541-1222    Free sample of Ice Breaker's gum
1(888) 554-3767    Free Bounty "Trash the Germs" Booklet
1(800) 558-0593    Free sample of Stephenson's Dog Shampoo
1(800) 564-3399    Free brochure and disk on "Appreciating Your Worth"
1(888) 590-6284    Free Reebok "Womens Training" Workout CD-Rom
1(800) 597-2267    Free Food Pyramid Magnet
1(800) 625-3246    Free La-Z Boy interior decorating guide
1(800) 644-4994    Free demo disk that teaches kids music fundamentals(PC only NO MAC)
1(800) 684-3322    Free 1997-98 Wonders of Life Calendar
1(800) 684-9474    Disney vacation video
1(800) 701-6100    Free Accuvue contact lenses
1(888) 773-5433    Free information on and sample of Prelief (reduces food acidity)
1(888) 775-6387    Free Loft's Grass Seeds (call them and they will give you a store near you                                where you can pick up your free item)
1(800) 776-5865    Free sample of recycled diskettes (PC or MAC)
1(800) 781-8778    Free sample of Resolve carpet cleaner
1(800) 828-4783    Free 1997 Tavis D pocket calendar
1(800) 828-4783    Pocket calendar
1(800) 854-7638    Join kids club and recieve demos of new games and other free prizes
1(888) 867-6567    Free sample of Sojourner Farm's dog or cat food
1(800) 875-9207    3 day supply weight loss sample
1(800) 934-7378663    Free car care tips brochure
1(800) 962-2190    Free $10 phone card (ID # RB592907)
1(888) TRY-SOFT    Free sample of Soft Sense hand lotion
1(800) PRO-VEIT    Old Spice Deodorant
1(888) BEE-TIPS        Floral tips booklet
1(800) GATE-WAY     Gateway computer video

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