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I've been on-line since January of '98, and I have met a lot of interesting people, -to say the least

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If you are ever online, and want to chat, just look me up. If I am online, I am usually in room Dookie..(A Place We Talk "Shit", where I hang out with Anthony aka ICCULUS, who by the way is a really cool guy. I met him back in January when I first got hooked up to the internet, and we have been talking ever since then. I also chat with my sister aka KENDRA, who is like a best-friend to me. She lives in California, and we don't get to see eachother that often, so we chat online for hours on end about anything and everything. She tells me the haps of Cali, and I do the same about Tex-ass.

You can also find me in Flirt, KristysPlace, or any of the games in Talkcity, like RidicWebTv2, or ABC.

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