"The Sesame Street Gang Learns Something New"

Grover was really bored, one day. Big Bird was collecting cans for the poor, and Oscar the Grouch was in one of his pissed-off moods again. So he decided to go over to Maria's house. "Hi, Maria!" Grover exclaimed as he entered. The sight he saw was one he would not soon forget.. Maria lay on the couch, wearing nothing but a pair of high-heeled shoes. She had one of her fingers deep inside her wet pussy, the digit probing and caressing her innermembranes. She looked us and saw Grover, and was startled; she had not expected any company. But a lewd grin soon replaced her initial look of apprehension; she invited Grover to join her on the couch. Now Grover, you see, was a virgin. He didn't ever admit it to any of the other Sesame Street gang, but he had never even felt a girl's tits. So you can imagine the wave of pleasure that swept over him.

Without a word, Grover approached Maria, and crawled on top of her. Since muppets don't wear clothes, he didn't have to undress. He reached between his legs, and from the jungle of blue fur extracted a huge blue cock, hairy from end to end. It was already fully errect, and fit to burst. With one deft move, Maria parted her pussy lips, already wet from masturbation, and Grover soon filled her void with his heaving azure member. He pumped up and down on Maria, the sensuous movement bringing his excitement to a fever pitch. The puppeteers had their hands full that day! Maria was experiencing a whole new world of pleasure, herself; she had never fucked a muppet before, and it proved to be an incredible experience.

Grover soon exploded inside her, his warm fuzzy dick going off like a cannon deep within Maria. She screamed, as she was climaxing at the same time. She grabbed ahold of Grover's blue shoulders, and almost wept on his shoulder, so powerful was the experience. But Grover wasn't done yet. His furry member had gone soft, and he wanted it hard again. So he leaned over, and took one of Maria's pert breasts in his mouth. His plush tongue caressed and fondled the nipple, and Maria moaned at the pleasure of it. The nipple was very hard, and Grover was having a delightful time, tasting bare tit for the first time. Soon Maria decided it was her turn to have a little "taste" of the action. She shoved Grover off her tit, and bent down. With both hands she grasped his monstrous cock, and began to stroke it, slowly at first, then with greater and greater intensity. Grover moaned and cried at the incredible feeling. The member was soon hard as a rock, and Maria lifted it to her eager lips. She devoured his cock with great appetite, sliding her mouth up and down the plush boner, and with her hands she stroked his blue balls. Grover, by this time, was about ready to come, and he cried out; simultaneously, great bursts of white cum exploded from his member into Maria's mouth, and she eagerly swallowed the divine nectar of his loins. She was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted like marshmallows.

Grover knew he must have more. He turned Maria around, so she was on all fours; he licked and sucked her ass and pussy, burying his big furry head between her creamy thighs. Soon, he was erect again; and without another word, he proceeded to drive his massive rod into her ass, again and again. He was like an animal. Maria cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy: "Oh, Grover, Yes, Grover!" Grover knew, as he came one more time, that learning letters and numbers just wasn't going to cut it anymore.
At about this time, Bert and Ernie stopped by Maria's. They were going to go miniature golfing. But when they saw the vicious fucking on the couch, they knew that they were staying right there. They quickly stripped, and Bert fucked Ernie's ass so hard that Ernie screamed. Bert bucked back and forth like a kid on a rocking horse, and held on to Ernie by Ernie's own cock. Of course, by this time, Grover and Maria were aware that they had company. They watched the pair butt fuck, becoming aroused themselves; then they decided that they wanted to join in. After Bert had climaxed, Maria shoved Ernie onto his back, and straddled him. She began rubbing her fuzzy mound, just to tease Ernie; he cried out for her to stop. She then took his swollen member in her hand, and guided it gently into her soaking wet pussy. She began to move up and down; she became so aroused that vaginal juices were dripping down from her pussy onto Ernie's pubic region. Before Ernie could come, she pulled herself up off him; and then, without a word of explanation, turned around, and sat down on his cock with her back facing him. She leaned forwards, as if to touch her toes, and Ernie was amazed at how deep he could penetrate her in this position. Regions of Maria never touched before by muppet dick were now being slammed again and again by the furious force of Ernie's dick. He finally came, great bursts of white hot jizzum swimming through her inner recesses like a school of fish. She moaned in ecstasy, knowing that muppets make the best lovers. All this time, don't think for a minute that Grover and Bert were idle. Janice, from the muppet show, had stopped by; and God knows Janice never misses an opportunity for a good fuck. She had stripped within seconds, and lay down on the floor with her legs spread far apart. Bert knelt down in front of her, and shoved his massive cock into her tight hot pussy. Janice cried for Grover, and he crammed his dick into her eager mouth. Janice was having a fine time, let me tell you! She hungrily ate up Grover's dick, and deep-throated it, quite an accomplishment when you take its size into account. With one hand, she rubbed and fondled Grover's balls. With the other, she assisted Bert, spreading apart her pussy lips, and guiding him in as efficiently as possible. Soon, Bert came, in a furious thunderclap of semen; and just as she felt his burning love course through her, Grover's dick spurted in her mouth, the delicious elixer trickling down her thirsty throat. Before long, Maria and the muppet's energy were spent. They had had a fine time, and Grover had learned a lot about women. Grover's sexual knowledge before was minimal; Cookie Monster had once tried to explain masturbation to him, but a strange look in his eyes had frightened Grover away. The count insisted that sucking blood was only one thing you could suck, and certainly not the best thing. And when the big purple two-headed monster tried to show Grover that it actually had four heads, he ran away screaming. But now Grover knew about the intimate parts of women very well. Some questions remained unanswered, however; questions that he knew may never be answered.

1.Why is Oscar so grouchy all the time? Does it have anything to do with Elmo?
2.What sex is Big Bird, anyhow?
3.How big is the snuffolafagus?
4.Where is Kermit's pecker? He doesn't seem to have one at all.
5.Is that really Gonzo's nose?
6.Why is Miss Piggy such a bitch all the time? (refer to #4)
7.Why are there so many little kids always running around?
8.What do the "Pigs in Space" do for fun? Do they all share Miss Piggy?
9.Are those two old guys in the balcony gay or something?
10.How come there are no Native American muppets?
11.What does Mr. Rogers do all day in that big house of his?

The day had drawn to a close, and the five of them decide to get a bite to eat. They went to a local deli for some peanut butter sandwiches. On the way there, the five discussed their feelings and concerns, and how the next time could be more satisfactory for all involved. After their meal,they all joined in a rousing chorus of "rubber ducky." Bert suggested the number of the day be "69," and they all laughed. All around, a good time was had by all, and a feeling of fellowship drifted over Sesame Street that night.

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